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Baa Baas
Bell Brackley
Blacks Head Bletchington
The Exiles
KEA Club
Safari Garden
Rock of Gibraltar


Winter League 2014/15

Fixtures for the Winter league 2014/15 are now available on all team pages

Fixtures for Wednesday 5th November 2014

Baa Baa's (Hundred Acres)
KEA Club
Brackley Band Club
The Exiles (Hundred Acres)
Ex Servicemans Club
Highfield Club A
Blacks Head
Lower Heyford Club A
White Arrows
Bell Brackley
Lower Heyford Club A
Rock of Gibraltar
Safari Garden
Highfield Club B

7-a-side KO

The draws have taken place for this seasons 7-a-side KO's and are as follows:

7-a-side KO

Baa Baa's (Hundred Acres) v Highfield Club A

Blacks Head v Ex Servicemans Club

The Exiles v Bye

Brackley Band Club v KEA Club

7-a-side Plate

Lower Heyford Club B v Safari Garden

Bell Brackley v Bye

Highfield Club B v White Arrows

Rock of Gibraltar v Lower Heyford Club A

Result Cards

Teams are reminded when completing results cards, in the singles please enter the players first initial followed by the surname and in the pairs please enter the players initials. If you have 2 players signed on with the same initials, please indicate which player is which. Entering Dave, Steve, Pete and Alan makes keeping records very difficult if not almost impossible when teams have moret than one player with the same first initial.




  • The Cherwell Valley Invitation Dart League consists of teams located in and around the Cherwell Valley area, invited annually by the league committee.
  • Any team which has not received an invitation but wishes to apply to join the league may do so by contacting the league secretary, details of whom may be found on the committee link above.
  • Fixtures are played on Wednesday evenings starting at 8.30