Player Registration

Teams are reminded that as per league rule 5 new players cannot be registered for the final 2 games of the season. Therefore the deadline for registering new players is 8.29pm on  Wednesday 17th February.


Fixtures for Wednesday 10th February 2016 

Premier / Division One

KEA Club A  12-9  Brackley Band Club

 Ex Servicemans Club  10-11  Bell Brackley

White Lion  16-5  Highfield Club A 

Baa Baa's - Bye


Divisions Two / Three

Highfield Club B  10-11  Safari Garden

 White Horse  10-11  KEA Club B

Lower Heyford Club A - Bye  (White Arrows withdrawn from league)

Lower Heyford Club B  - Bye





The Cherwell Valley Dart Invitation Dart League consists of teams located in and around the Cherwell Valley area, invited annually by the league committee.

Any team which has not received and invitation but wishes to apply to join the league may do so by contacting the league secretary, details of whom may be found on the committee link above. Fixtures are played on Wednesday evenings, starting at 8:30pm